The EQ section is topmost on the control surface. Install some drivers, set up your extensions sets and you’re ready to go. But, it was less than intuitive or seamless. According to the developers, they will be supported in future releases of the software. In severe cases, latency can make monitoring of the input signal impossible. If I was more savvy to mapping MIDI stuff and had a better understanding of Logic’s environment, I’m sure we could have gotten the to work more smoothly. By bundling audio and control in a portable and user-friendly package, the Tascam US makes an excellent primary interface for a desktop- or laptop-based studio.

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We used them every day, and we all became fast and accurate with them.

tascam us-428 Up to four channels of audio can be streamed simultaneously, and each input has its own hardware trim control for setting levels rather than the fussy software control panels found on most computer interfaces. It will only address eight faders at a time, but this is a very minimal inconvenience once you get used tascam us-428 switching between banks of eight faders.

Although both Cubasis and Deck LE are limited to eight tracks of audio, the full versions of these programs can take advantage of the bank select feature. According to the tascam us-428, they will be supported in future releases of the software. As a bonus, the comes bundled with Cubasis tawcam Deck LE so you can start using it right away without buying any software. I’ll draw out the fader moves Tascam us-428 most music software makes us-42 wield your mouse as much as your guitar pick, which can make recording tascam us-428 song feel like working on a spreadsheet.


These are labeled high, tascam us-428, mid-low, and low. If your physical fader is higher than the on screen fader, only the red Record LED will light.

It also works with just about every major piece of software available as opposed to some of the bigger more specialized controllers available, and tascam us-428 important as our studio has ProTools, Performer and Logic users in pretty equal numbers. Bear with me here. To enable a channel for recording, you press and tascam us-428 the master record button while pressing the desired channel tasam button.

The input monitoring button behaves as you tascam us-428 expect, switching between source and recorded audio.

If the physical fader is lower, then only the yellow Select LED will light.

Genelec Improves on a Classic with C Subwoofer. Here’s a rugged and eminently practical MIDI tqscam with a great form factor, surprisingly good “feel”, and an adaptable DIY programming environment. Unfortunately at this writing, neither the tascam us-428 Cubasis tascam us-428 Deck LE programs have implemented these function buttons. Most surprisingly, the unit runs on tascam us-428 9-volt power supply, weighs about as much as a hardcover book and can easily be fitted on a desktop or toted in taecam laptop case.

Test Drive: The Tascam US USB Interface Controller – Radio And Production

There are three knobs that control EQ frequency, gain, and Q, and four buttons to select from four different bands. Both Steinberg and BIAS include discount coupons us-48 the box for upgrading to more capable versions of their software. How are spec spots handled at your station s?


Plus, we decided our Then came the digital audio workstation with its keyboard, mouse, and monitor. Next to the EQ section are three aux send buttons and two knobs that control aux level and pan. At first, we used the with Logic 4. One minor complaint is the wall wart needed to power the unit. Tascam us-428 the master fader are master buttons for record and solo.

It won’t make your recordings sound any better, but you will be able to work faster which means getting more done before listening fatigue sets in which means your recordings will sound better.

Its compact blue tascam us-428 us-42 both to Macs tascam us-428 PC. So many of us had to abandon tascam us-428 friendly controls, because yea and verily we lacked budget.

Hands-On Review:Tascam US-428 V 3.09 USB Interface and Control Surface.

We tascam us-428 adjust the mid EQ on the music channel without even looking at the board. If you do prefer to have faders, knobs and buttons under hand, the one thing we tascam us-428 all agree on is that the integration between We had to adapt, and we did.

But, it was less than intuitive or seamless. Support for tascam us-428 products is expected shortly. Code is made by Livid out in Austin, Texas,