The result is that the Samsung is pretty good, while the Nokia is, again, unusable. Actually, it is even too much: There is really no contest: Have you forgot password or username? This is a studio test that replicate similar conditions: The Samsung M will travel with me around the world, and from time to time I’ll add to the galleries some photos taken with this great camera phone. I bought this phone because currently it is the best camera phone you can get in the European market.

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Samsung M8910 Pixon12 pictures

The Nokia photo has tons samsung m8910 noise and a strong green cast, while the Samsung m9810 natural colors, very low noise and a lot of detail. Low light, with flash:. Low light, no flash test:.

I hope to keep it al samsung m8910 a couple of years, until something with even higher photo and video quality reaches the market at a reasonable price after being bitten with the Nokia m9810, I don’t buy phones as soon as they are announced, the initial samsung m8910 is exaggerate and after few months it gets much, much lower.

In other words, in “easy” situations daylight without strong contrast the Samsung camera phone can come close to samsunf image quality of an entry level reflex! A couple of years ago, I bought a Nokia What I m890, really miss on the Samsung M is a lens cover; the M has a kind of internal shutter, but no real cover, samsunf you have to pay attention to samsung m8910 finger smudges and scratches.

The phone overall is great; the user interface is easy to understand and responsive, it has all the features I need and an affordable price.

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Low light, no video light:. The M gives less sharpness but it has a higher pixel count, samsung m8910 at the end the detail of the 12mp camera phone is about on par with the 8 megapixel SLR. In future, I hope to samsung m8910 even lower noise and more dynamic range! There is really no contest: Sa,sung than that, I plan to publish some other articles while I explore its camera capabilities.

I bought this phone because samsung m8910 it is the best camera phone you can get in the European market. The Samsung has a very powerful led, while the Nokia has two very, very weak led. For example, I am not interested to install many applications; I samsung m8910 care much about GPS I prefer to use my old good TomTomwhile I am very interested in good camera capabilities.

I compared it with my old Nokia and, since m891 is an samsung m8910 phone, even to the Canon D reflex. The Canon D has less m890 and more dynamic range than both phones; its white balance is not very precise, but if you shoot RAW you samsung m8910 get great colors.

Samsung M Pixon12 pictures, official photos

samskng In this article, I won’t cover the “Smartphone” part samsung m8910 for an all around review, give a look to Samsung M review on GSM Arena – while I’m going to focus on the camera part: There are some phones that have better video capabilities, but the M is at least usable in every condition.

Still frame from video, Samsung M The Samsung tends to samsung m8910 slightly cold colors, but you can easily fix samsugn samsung m8910 with manual white balance or with Photoshop.

The result is that the Samsung is pretty samsung m8910, while the Nokia is, again, unusable. The reason is that I always carry the mobile phone with me, and sometimes it is the only way to take the photo. It was even worse than my old Samsung m8910 ! That said, I have been positively impressed by the improvement in dynamic range and noise: I paid it “just” euros!


For samsunh, many times I have seen awesome landscapes from the plane, but it was not possible to grab samsung m8910 reflex Samusng phones show low noise and relatively good sharpness, but the Samsung has clearly a big resolution advantage, it shows a lot more detail than the N samsung m8910 it has even a much wider lens and samzung colors.

The Nokia is unusable, the Samsung is quite good considering it is not a video-oriented phone. In conclusion, the Samsung M video capabilities are light samsung m8910 better than the Nokia Click here to get a new password!

Samsung M8910 camera-phone

samsung m8910 As of today, Aprilit is the best camera phone on the worldwide market; the Nokia N8 may be even better, but it has just been announced and we will have to samsung m8910 several samsung m8910 until it is available.

Keep in mind that the Samsung has mm8910 28mm equivalent lens, while the Nokia has about a 35, so the Samsung has a much wider angle of view.

That said, sometimes it is not possible: