Indicates the diagonal size of the device’s screen in inches. Indicates if the browser allows registration of event listeners on event targets by using the addEventListener method. Shenzhen Zoweetek Electronics Ltd. Indicates the width of the device’s screen in pixels. If the browser supports a gauge, the meter property should be used.

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Indicates if the device has a click wheel such as found on Apple iPod devices. Property Dictionary Legend Indicates the data set version or cloud service the property and values are contained within.

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Apple devices detected through JavascriptHardwareProfile that do not uniquely identify a device will also return true, and HardwareModelVariants will return a list of model numbers associated with that device group. Indicates the number of frames per second the television can display in Hertz. This property is not applicable for a device that does not have a battery or support phone calls.

Indicates the weight of the device with battery in grams. This property does not indicate whether the browser supports the progress bar indication.

Indicates the capacity of the device’s standard battery in mAh. The progress element can be used to display the progress of the task. Indicates if the browser supports the ‘Video’ element for playing videos on web pages without requiring a plug-in. Primary browser data are retrieved from the internal gechsonic and populated manually, then they might be validated against an external source such as Caniuse or RingMark.


Proprietary licence, no source available Non-free packages with status other than installed on akulinux linux-restricted-modules- dei Non-free Linux 2. This property is not applicable for desktops, media hubs, TVs and consoles. Folding Silicone keyboard 2.

USSRT Missing Wire Detection by 4

This property will return ‘False’ for a device that does not have an integrated screen. Indicates if the browser supports Viewport, to give control over view for different screen sizes and resolutions of devices accessing a website.

Indicates the list of features the device’s camera supports. Indicates if the browser supports CSS position, allowing for different box placement algorithms, e. This list of tchsonic is supported for playback on a basic software installation.

If the browser supports ‘Xhr2’ will also support ‘DataForm’ element. PET security display stand for ipad and tablet pc 1,Portable, 6 adjustable angles. I techslnic that is pretty good from a FOSS standpoint. For this purpose, the progress property should be used.

If the device type is EReader then the device is not classified as a tablet. Ensures the button is touchable on a touch screen and not too large on techdonic non-touch screen. If the browser supports ‘xhr2’, the ‘FormData’ element will be also supported. Depth Of Fill mm 17 Max. This property is only applicable for TVs.

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Indicates if the device has a physical numeric keypad. Indicates the contrast ratio of the device. All platforms are ordered by the number of events associated with that platform that occurred in the sampling period.

Indicates the resolution of the device’s second back camera in megapixels.

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Indicates if the application is an email browser Outlook, Gmail, YahooMail, etc. This property may need a vendor prefix, e. The strongly typed value the property returns when used with APIs which support strong types.