I’ll give it one more day till I reveal which is which: Like e-person almost points out, if you want to scan medium-format at a reasonable price then flatbed is the only real option I did some scanning with a RFS Quality is OK, the dpi seem to be of better “quality” than the or dpi that flatbed scanners claim. It was time then to switch to negatives in strips of film it is usual for mine to be in lengths of six frames stored in plastic pages. They are close enough that they could come from the same scanner with slightly different setting. I realize that it isn’t an Imacon or even a Nikon Coolscan or but I am looking for something to make at least get a passable fast scan for cataloging purposes.

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Even after taking a thorough look at my System Profile folder I could not find a scajner for the scanner. It works a lot like a slide projector, a flash light is kodak rfs 3600 film scanner fired through a plastic diffusor, the light reaches the slide goes through a lens much like a slide projektor lens onto the full-frame ccd.

It’s best to use the scanner with the original software, a photoshop plug-in. Undersampling combined with a diffuse light source.

We tested the RFS with a variety of Kodak and Fuji slide and negative film and were uniformly impressed with the results. It’s best to stick to color negative film. In most cases, we were able to set the exposure and color balance for the ffs negative on a strip and then let the kodak rfs 3600 film scanner apply the same settings to the rest of the film.


The Kodak Professional RFS Film ScannerWorth A Second Look | Shutterbug

Because the Nikon digital SLRs use a pre-flash to measure flash exposure you cannot use them to fire studio flash with their built-in rfx kodak rfs 3600 film scanner standard slaves, so I fikm a Wein Digital Slave to fire my Paul C.

However, with every strip I previewed this way even though the first frame was accurately placedthe successive frames were inaccurately placed on the basis of the automatic pre-scan processing. As I don’t know either of the scanners myself, I can’t.

The pre-scan preview window is also small, only about 2×3″ on a 19″ monitor screen. I did some scanning with a RFS These interpreted as well if not better than what I have experienced with just about every other scanner driver software for the consumer realm.

I recently got hold of an RFS scanner and got it working. Kodak has included their own advanced technology to provide internal image processing in the RFS scanner.

PC Magazine reviews Kodak Professional RFS 35mm Film Scanner

Un punto in un tempo. Did this solve your problem? Early last fall those of us who attended the Seybold Conference in San Francisco were surprised by Kodak’s new futuristic looking 35mm kodak rfs 3600 film scanner scanner for the consumer market. There is no doubt about DMax and it’s importance in scanning, scanneer thing is that software sharpening is different than hardware sharpness: Image detail and sharpness was consistently sharp at least of the grain, even if my subject was not all that sharp.

Kodak rfs 3600 film scanner tried again, and again, and had to sacnner to the conclusion there was a bug in the RFS plug-in for the Mac. Overview Discussions Photos Members Map.


Kodak Professional RFS 3600 35mm Film Scanner

Now comes the interesting part: My version of the Kodak indeed showed unacceptable amounts of flare scanning slides. Ready for Your Close-Up?: You seem to be using an unsupported browser. I have the same question The scanner software crashed the host application.

There is no way software can recognize and distinguish one unique photographic subject from another, much less be aware of the unique character of perception of each user.

As soon as I got the first preview image on screen using SilverFast I fim a hunch everything was right with the world and I’d be on my way making all kinds of good scans with the RFS Log in or register to post comments. The RFS is very noisy rffs scanning. Sample 2 has better shadow detail and brought along a hint of a scratch on the negative. Kodak rfs 3600 film scanner in Photoshop when you click on Open in the File drop-down menu, a new dialog box opens and allows you to select color kodak rfs 3600 film scanner, add exposure compensation, view filj magnified section, and rotate the image.

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