Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: April 13th, 1. Copy and paste is probably best. In my case the kernel version I am working with is 2. The ath9k driver is present in any kernel starting with version 2.

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You are not loading your new custom kernel image. The oldest supported ath9k version comes with kernel 2.

How to enable the ath9k wireless driver on Ubuntu Lucid (10.04)

Some blogs might ask you to do that, but there is hardly ever any reason to do this. That means most likely you already have the driver and there is no need to download it, all you have to do is enable it. Thanks, Mark Thanks for the quick reply. Get the kernel source and some necessary packages Configure the kernel Compile and install the kernel Configure grub to boot from the new kernel image Some steps might sound a bit intimidating, but actually they are very easy to do.

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Atheros 802.11n PCI/PCI-E devices (ath9k)

If after this you can connect, then you are running the right kernel, but you are not loading the ath9k module on boot. Too much to past here. Any idea what I could do next? The system at that time was Rasbian, but since PwnPi uses the same repository as Rasbian Debian the commands works just instll well.

ath9k_htc/open_firmware – Debian Wiki

The above command has nothing to do with enabling the root login. Now that both my devices are paired with each other, its time to connect them using the proper protocols. Save changes and exit.

That will avoid running modprobe ath9k after each reboot. I am begging on my knees for a cooking recipe in order to finish onstall night mare. I only installed Ubuntu a couple of weeks ago but my friend showed me how to use aircrack. To find out how many processors or cores your computer has run:.

Patrick, If you connected once, but after the next xth9k you are having the same issue that most likely means one of two things: Mark Mark, If you have already compiled the kernel with the make-kpkg can now install it with the dpkg -i command. April 13th, 2. Copy and paste is probably best. Or at least a whole bunch of stuff happened in the terminal. To find out what kind of chipset you have, run:.


I was surprised how long the terminal ran, well over an hour doing all kinds of weird stuff. April 13th, 3. The instal now is Post as a guest Name. My plan is make an android application to control the Raspberry pi, so using….

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I got all the way through and rebooted but wireless is inxtall disabled. Seyed Mohammad 2, 7 26