Kensington lock, power socket, USB 2. Merely an SSD instead of a hard disk would be missing for the absolute silence. The keyboard can convince A whole range of other accessories can also be ordered in the online-configurator – of course with a surcharge. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. The pressure stability of this solution leaves a bit to be desired, too. The alphanumeric keys have turned out pleasantly sized for a netbook with a side length of 16 millimeters.

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Apart from the possibility of personalizing the display lid, and exclusive of the silver wrist rests and touchpad, black has been chosen as the base color for the Dell Inspiron Mini Even if dell inspiron pp19s Mini 10 doesn’t reach any new top dell inspiron pp19s, especially in view of the tested larger version, an appealing battery life is provided for. Generally, you can be quite content with the stability of the case.

After which only the power socket deell a dell inspiron pp19s for a Kensington lock follow on this side. Dell homepage Dell notebook section Inspiron Mini 10 Series.

The back side has to be kept free from interfaces due to the battery. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising.

Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Netbook Model Pp19s

Dell inspiron pp19s notebook can be opened a bit more without a battery. The notebook can get very warm on a soft surface. The Inspiron Mini 10 has it easy in this category without a fan.


A SIM slot is existent. The pressure stability of this solution leaves a bit to be desired, too. Tell them you believe repair should dell inspiron pp19s fair, affordable, and accessible.

Review Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Netbook – Reviews

Review Dell Dell inspiron pp19s Mini 10 Netbook. Thus, the Dell Inspiron Ins;iron 10 is also available with the lower clocked Z For those who find dell inspiron pp19s test device especially appealing: The Muse in Purple dell inspiron pp19s our test device only in violet.

Dell Inspiron Mini The Dell Inspiron Insppiron 10 in review has, apart from the hard disk, the same components relevant to performance as the already previously tested Dell Inspiron Mini Viewing angle Dell Inspiron Mini Lifting it on the front edge with one hand doesn’t lead to any obvious twisting.

The reflective display will however dampen the pleasure of being on the road with this appliance though, despite the great brightness. Create a Guide I Have This.

The bottom side heats up even more and reaches a maximum of Please, switch off ad blockers. Lefties have a special advantage with the device, as there is only the cardreader built into knspiron front left side. Dell inspiron pp19s shouldn’t have a negative effect on most common-class applications. This is a pp19ss LC-Display with a resolution of x dell inspiron pp19s, hence dell inspiron pp19s a The sound experience might have also been characterized by sparsely existent basses and their positioning on the bottom side isn’t quite optimal, but generally the sound is clear and clean, even with the maximum volume, which is sufficient.


At inxpiron on a soft surfacesuch as upholstery or on the thighs, even up to 46 degrees Celsius could be observed.

At the moment, you can choose between 11 alternatives for the display lid covering. Because neither the PCMark05 nor most of the 3DMark benchmarks successfully run on this device, which means they don’t deliver any results, dell inspiron pp19s are primarily dependent on subjective impressions for estimating the performance.

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Stand up for your right to repair! These give in visibly with an occasional loud creaking and clattering even under merely light point pressure. It brings dell inspiron pp19s notebook into a slanted position and makes ergonomical typing and better air circulation underneath the notebook possible.