But I think is best to work with the NiCads. About different craters are ready to be integrated in the Atlas, and I will add them from time to time. Keeping a second set of fully charged batteries at hand will prevent such incidents. A rubber adhesive plate 5 in fig3 was used to mount the electronics onto the nosepiece. Can you visualize the tilting and true shape of Mare Crisium and Grimaldi in the 3D image?

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Please be sure to try to reproduce the problem without any other applications running in the background. Qickcam difference in the moon’s apparent diameter is evident but there is an extra bonus, namely a marked latitude libration effect for instance, the crater Tycho in much far away from the southern lunar limb in the apogee image.

The software that originally shipped with the camera included QuickMovie for recording motion pictures and QuickPICT for capturing still images. Doing this will void your warranty. Unfortunately, this will not increase the number of intermediate gray-levels. Why not try to obtain, in a single night, a time-lapse animation demonstrating the motion of Jupiter’s Galilean satellites?

I decided to choose nickel-cadmium rechargeable batteries 4×1.

You need to change the extension manually. When recording a movie your on-screen frame rate will appear to drop. All Pentium class machines are capable of bi-directional communications; quickcsm, they are usually set up for the slowest mode.


The image series thus obtained is temporarily placed in a “ciber ” Film Roll that can store up to 36 exposures. Windows NT Notes 6. We strongly recomend that Windows NT 4. If you select Bitmap use.

If you are using a Color QuickCam and do not need the maximum amount of detail in each frame, choose a reduced Sharpness level. Eventually, it evolved from an RS connector to a parallel connector then eventually to a USB connection.

Connectix QuickCam VC Video Conference Camera | eBay

One of the best places to get all the information needed is now perhaps the Astrocam web-page in French. If you choose the middle or the lowest value for Sharpness, you will get higher frame rates than if you choose the highest Sharpness value. Capturing a smaller image size results in faster frame rates. The vx has gradually cojnectix support for the Macintosh platform, with only one current model officially supporting Mac or including Mac drivers.

connsctix This installer will disable previous versions of the QuickCam driver that may have been installed. Also take a look at this link for a quuckcam of sites describing QuickCams adapted for astronomy. If you are using a Color QuickCam and there is enough light, you may get increased frame rates if you turn off the Low-Light Image Filter checkbox in the Camera Adjustments dialog. Be sure your monitor is displaying at least 16 bit high color.

In my case, I routinely use an extra 15m parallel cable YES! Description Connectix Color QuickCam 2.


An example of a typical flat-field image is shown here. Touch screen visibility and operation was great and easy to navigate.

Connectix QuickCam VC Video Conference Camera

You don’t have to own a large telescope to obtain good astrophotos with the grayscale QuickCam. The original QuickCam was developed by Connectix in for nationwide commercial sale and was the first widely marketed webcam-like conectix, although its original advertising did not use the term “webcam” or refer to the World Wide Webthen in its infancy. I particularly like to produce time-lapse animations to see more of my work take a look at the time-lapse animations section of this page.

The advantage of this procedure is obvious, a much qkickcam probability of obtaining decent images, even for beginners, and in less than perfect nights.

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Settings in Windows 95 or consult your manual for Windows 3. The grayscale QuickCam is equipped with a Texas Instruments CCD, a frame-transfer chip with an array of x quickkcam pixels. I decided in favour of this second possibility. This image shows a blow-up of the QuickCam’s CCD, with the imaging-area framed in red and the transfer-area surrounded by a green line.

Give it a try